Drought Fight

The drought: hot topic of the summer as its effects slowly make themselves felt.  For me, although we’ve tightened up our water usage for a while now, I’ve only begun to actually see the consequences as of late.

While camping in Cachuma Lake this past weekend, I climbed down into what seemed like a rock quarry before reaching the lakeside.  Two thirty-foot walls of white rock cascaded down on either side of me.  It was obviously not a designated hiking trail, and the “missing” water was blindingly apparent.

Cachuma Lake (PatsPics36 via Flickr)

Then today, at an outdoor meeting with the Health Department, the woman I met with pointed out the City’s new means of landscaping: mulch mounds.

“It’s a bit unsightly, but they aren’t watering the landscape anymore.  They’re basically letting everything under the mulch just die.”

I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I didn’t understand the extent of the drought until now.  It hadn’t yet touched my little life here in Long Beach.  But here it is, staring at me with eyes of rock and mulch and asking, begging, for a fight.

You can report water waste here or call the Long Beach water waste hotline at 562.570.2455.  I’ve done this twice already, through email and phone, with ease and anonymity.

Drought Fight