“What’s the good news?”

I can usually count on a certain supervisor of mine to greet me with this particular question.  Despite how often it’s posed, I am almost always caught off-guard and almost certain to offer a standard response.

Yesterday morning however, I greeted him with some wildly good news:

“Joe [my husband] dropped his wallet while biking to work this morning, and a father and son returned it to us.”

Truly incredible.  While biking to the Metro yesterday morning, my husband’s wallet fell out of his pocket and onto the street.  While reaching for his Metro pass, he realized in horror that it was all gone and had retraced his steps with no luck.  Returning home, he dejectedly told me the story and then took the morning off with plans to get a new driver’s license at the DMV.

As soon as he left, however, an unfamiliar truck rolled to a stop in front of our house.  I was standing on the steps, preparing to bike to work.  An older Hispanic man hopped off of the truck, followed by a young one.  Glancing hesitantly back and forth between me and our house, the younger man waved a small object at me.

“Did you lose this?”

What joy!  What absolute relief.  Gratefulness overcame me for the moment, and I wordlessly embraced each of them.

Frank and Manuel were their names.  Manuel, the father, had found the wallet while stopping at a bakery on 10th Street.  I’m sheepish now that I didn’t offer them any reward other than my thanks, but I often remember their good deed, and I hope that karma will repay them in kind.

Pan Dulce (John.Fisch, Flickr)
Pan Dulce (John.Fisch, Flickr)
“What’s the good news?”

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