Hello, World!

They say that with great knowledge comes great responsibility.  My professor of architectural history, Dennis Doordan, sent my graduating class forth with these words:

“Architecture is a form of stewardship as well as an honorable profession.  Architects bear an enormous responsibility as stewards of creation.  How you conceive, construct and manage the built environment will shape the quality of life–all life on our interconnected planet–for generations to come.  Here I want to remind you that architects are optimists by profession. To build is an act of hope and an affirmation of life.  We can design a better world.  You must design a better world.”

This blog is just a small effort to do so–to promote real urbanism and architecture in efforts to rediscover community and to create that better world for all of us.  By sharing what little I do know about architecture and urbanism, I hope to catch the eye of a few community members, who’ll then pass these ideas and intentions on to their fellow community members.

Above all, this blog is meant to encourage–to celebrate architectural and urban achievement and to earnestly call for more of that good stuff.  Come join me!

Hello, World!

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